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4403 N. Main St.

The house at 4403 N. Main St., Wind Point, is shown Aug. 3 in disrepair. The village, which owns a 5-acre parcel that includes the house, voted Thursday evening to tear the house down.

WIND POINT — The run-down, village-owned house on the property bordered by a controversial land strip is going to be razed.

Wind Point village trustees at a meeting on Thursday unanimously voted to award a $13,800 demolition contract to Caledonia-based VTech Solutions. The house, which sits on the 5-acre village-owned property of 4403 N. Main St., is uninhabitable and in complete disrepair, with holes on the roof and vegetation covering the exterior.

Photos presented to the Village Board showed the interior of the house is filled with garbage and other clutter, and a bathroom held a backed-up toilet that spewed sewage onto the floor. The village has boarded up the doors and windows.

There is not yet a clear timeline for the demolition. Before the house is taken down, an asbestos inspection and possible abatement must be performed in addition to a utility disconnection. The Village Board accounted for those costs and voted that the entire project — including the demolition — is not to exceed $20,000.

Bordering 4403 N. Main St. to the north and east is a privately owned, 2-foot-wide, 1400-foot-long land strip that runs the entirety of the south and west sides of the public road Deepwood Drive.

Although the village acquired 4403 N. Main St. in July 2017, it has been unable to develop the land because the strip blocks driveway access to Deepwood Drive.

Wind Meadows Corp. and SC Johnson, which each own parts of the strip, appear unwilling to sell their portions, so the village is on track to use eminent domain to acquire the strip.

Village Administrator/Clerk-Treasurer Michael Hawes said on Thursday there were no updates on negotiations surrounding the strip’s acquisition; the land is still being assessed.


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