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RACINE — Racine Kids First Fund has awarded 28 grants totaling $14,991.18 for projects and programs at 18 Racine Unified School District locations.

The Kids First Fund grants, approved in October, went to the following programs submitted by Racine Unified School District staff members:

A Christmas Carol field trip, Kayla Carey, Dr. Jones Elementary School.

Aladdin Kids, Alexander Kayser, Johnson Elementary School.

Books for English Fest, Erica Topps, Gifford Middle School.

Community Connections, Gabriela Anaya, Mitchell Middle School.

Exploring Racine’s Art, Rebecca McGowan, Case High School.

Growing Fish and Food Together, Dantri Woods, Red Apple Elementary School.

How the World Works, Mary Lou Neilsen, West Ridge Elementary School.

Interactive Classroom, Ashley Pociask, The REAL School.

Biz Town field trip, Barbara Kelly, Jefferson Lighthouse Elementary School.

Kindergarten studies plant growth, Kelly Gozoglu, Dr. Jones Elementary School.

Leveled Literacy, Lori Wernicke, Schulte Elementary School.

Mascot for Mitchell, Leah Martone, Mitchell Elementary School.

Mission to Science, Lynda Rosales, Dr. Jones Elementary School.

Move ‘n Learn, Donna Rivers, Fratt Elementary School.

Musical puppets, Julia Jaskulske, Park High School.

New ceramics program, Megan Gores, The REAL School.

No Lost Pencils, Tammy Davies, Red Apple Elementary School.

Picture Communication, Karen Schuetz, Red Apple Early Childhood.

RAL in Motion, Nicole McDowell, Racine Alternative Learning.

The Nutcracker field trip, JoEllyn Zenisek, Roosevelt Elementary School.

Sensory Needs in Early Childhood, Rebecca Kroner, Red Apple Early Childhood.

Sneak Peek at Restaurant, Kelli Steenrod, Mitchell Middle School.

Library Maker Space, Elizabeth Bast, Starbuck Middle School.

Starbuck Tech Ed, Scott Terry, Starbuck Middle School.

Team Building, John Morey, Starbuck Middle School.

Tech Wizards, Melani Raditz, Dr. Jones Elementary School.

Theater Outreach, Nancy Gibson, Case High School.

English Interactive Notebook, Sarah Dyer, Horlick High School.

Kids First Fund provides grants for programs and projects that enhance the learning experience for Racine Unified School District students.

Grant applications are accepted from Racine Unified School District classroom teachers and staff members. The application deadline for the next round of grants is Jan. 12. Visit the Kids First Fund website for an application form and instructions.


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