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Wind Point pond jumper charged for alleged bank robbery and unsuccessful theft of drugs from Walgreens

Wind Point pond jumper charged for alleged bank robbery and unsuccessful theft of drugs from Walgreens

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WIND POINT — A suspect who jumped into a Wind Point residential pond last week after attempting to escape a bank robbery has been identified as a 20-year-old man from South Milwaukee. He has also been accused of being engaged in another attempted robbery hours before at a nearby drug store.

Nathaniel C. Buck


Nathaniel C. Buck, of the 300 block of Marquette Avenue, was charged with attempted armed robbery, felony bail jumping, robbery of a financial institution, obstructing an officer and felony bail jumping.

According to a criminal complaint:

At about 9 a.m. Friday, Racine Police Officers responded to the North Shore Bank, 3911 N. Main St., in Racine. An investigator spoke with the teller supervisor who stated that the suspect handed a note to her under the glass which read something along the lines of: “Stay calm. This is a robbery. Put two stacks of $100 bills in the bag. Don’t try anything funny. I have someone in a car outside with guns.”

The teller supervisor dispensed money from the cash machine, later determined to be $500, in the bag Buck supplied. No weapon was displayed and no words were spoken by Buck; he left the bank. The teller supervisor gave a physical description.

Officers from the Caledonia Police Department located a man who fit the description walking on Three Mile Road. Buck was ordered to put his hands in the air, but instead fled on foot through a parking lot at 222 Three Mile Road. A foot chase ensued and Buck was located in the pond behind the Wind Meadows Leisure Center, 101 Bayfield Court.

Racine police assisted with ordering Buck out of the pond. He was taken into custody and transported to the Racine County Jail.

Heavy rain and flooding caused a large pond to form in Phoenix, Arizona, on Aug. 14. People took advantage by going swimming and even going out water skiing.

Earlier attempted robbery

During the investigation of the robbery at the North Shore Bank, Buck was additionally identified as a suspect in the attempted robbery of Walgreens, 5005 Douglas Ave., Caledonia, which occurred at about 5:45 a.m. that same day.

Officers responded to a suspicious-person call at the Walgreens. One officer spoke with the overnight manager, who stated that there was an attempted robbery at the pharmacy counter.

The pharmacist said a man wearing a red sweatshirt, surgical mask and jeans started walking toward the pharmacy and her desk. The pharmacist stated she immediately felt uncomfortable about the man because he was trying to hide his face and was holding both hands in his front sweatshirt pocket.

The pharmacist stated, based on his demeanor as he approached, he possibly could have had a weapon because he was keeping his hands in his pockets. When he reached the desk, the pharmacist stated he pulled out a piece of paper, which she believed was a handwritten prescription and not a weapon. She stated as the male slid the paper towards her she immediately noticed it was not a prescription, but a piece of paper that looked like it had been ripped out of a notebook.

The pharmacist said she began to look down and read the note. She remembered reading the word, “codeine” — an opioid — before the male interrupted her. The man said he wanted codeine and said something along the lines of, “I want it now,” or “Do it now.”

She walked back to the safe and set the timer on the safe. She didn’t want to go back to the man, so she sat in a chair away from him, behind the desk.

The man pointed to two bottles of Promethazine DM on the counter on the other side of the window and told her he wanted those. The pharmacist told him that wasn’t what he had asked for, and he seemed taken aback by her response. She stated he then hesitated for a few seconds before grabbing the note and walking out of the store.

According to law enforcement, Buck admitted to investigators that he went to the Walgreens and passed a note stating that he wanted two types of drugs, but was told that there was a time release for the drug storage and that he could not access them. Buck said that rather than wait, he left so as to not be arrested.

He said he was trying to get promethazine and codeine from the pharmacy so he could sell it. Buck said that because the attempt to get drugs from Walgreens didn’t work, he planned to rob the bank.

Buck said that he then walked to Piggly Wiggly, 3900 Erie St., where he obtained a paper grocery bag. In his attempt to escape on foot, he went eastbound on Three Mile Road, crumpled up the bag and tossed it in some bushes while he ran by a fence around a tennis court.

Officers located the money and bag.

Buck’s cash bond was set at $25,000 and a preliminary hearing was scheduled for Sept. 23 at 8:30 a.m., online court records show.


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