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Man allegedly hit with frozen pizza, robbed

RACINE — A Racine man was reportedly struck by a frozen pizza and allegedly robbed by two men while on the way home from a local convenience store.

The man had been heading home from the Neighborhood Pantry, 1511 6th St., on Saturday when two men reportedly approached him and asked for money, according to a Racine police report. But after telling the men no and continuing home, he told police he was struck from behind with what he believed to be a frozen pizza.

According to the report, the man told police that he “got pounded” by the two men and was knocked to the ground twice near the intersections of 6th Street and Jones Street. Sometime during the alleged assault he reported having his wallet stolen by the men, which contained no cash, according to the report.

Officers found the man shortly after midnight with a large laceration on his forearm and reported that the man had been bleeding from multiple areas of his face.

The man’s glasses were also reportedly knocked from his face during the alleged altercation and were located by police near drops of blood in the snow, according to the report.

Police searched the area for the men but the suspects could not be located.

Crack pipe reportedly returned in library DVD case

RACINE —  Among the items returned last week to the Racine Public Library, 75 7th St., was something that didn’t belong back in circulation — a crack pipe.

Library staff reportedly contacted police on Feb. 18 after finding a dark green crack pipe inside of A Scanner Darkly DVD that had been placed in the outside drop box, according to a Racine police report.

The pipe was described as approximately seven inches long and had the word SLIME written on one end, according to the report.

Inside of the pipe was a metallic scrub pad.

A library staff member turned over the paraphernalia to police but could not provide them with the name of the individual who had checked out the DVD, citing state statutes, but did say they have the name on file, according to the report.


This information is gathered by reporters from law enforcement agencies throughout Racine County, once those records are available. This is not a complete record of every crime reported in the county, rather it reflects noteworthy crimes that have occurred in our community. It is intended to be used as an informational tool, not an official record. As these cases have not been concluded, the suspects are innocent until proven guilty.


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