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The gift of life. Precious and sacred. Given by our creator. So important that one of the 10 commandments commands us “NOT” to kill. Yet, everyday people are getting killed by the hands of their fellow man or woman.

How do we stop the killing? So do policemen need better training? Do guns kill? Do we have welfare and create the illusion of inclusion for the poor and disenfranchised and make them feel they are included and have a purpose/ place in society?

We all know people create narratives to support whatever has happened or what they want to happen. Pay attention my fellow human beings. The answer is a mindset of love and respect for each other. I’m not talking about giving your neighbor a hug and respecting an opinion or view. True love for each other means embracing the realities that exist for us and paving a the best way for all of us to live together.

“Us” meaning “all humans.”

What does every human really need and want? Simple. Love. Family. Joy. Prosperity. Kids doing well. Live healthy and meaningful lives.

We’re all human. Can we at least look out and take care of one another? Think about this. Humans adopt animals. Fight for animal rights. Humans sometimes love animals more than they love other humans. Can we treat ourselves and one another with an elevated love and kindness? It’s called “agape love.”

Love conquers everything, all day, every day.

Caron Butler is a Racine native who most recently played in the NBA for the Sacramento Kings and is a NBA television broadcaster.

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