STURTEVANT - When will the train station arrive?

The old railroad depot at 2904 Wisconsin St. has been off the ground and on a moving dolly for about two weeks, ready to be sent to its new location at Linwood Park in Caledonia. But it's had to sit by as Caledonia Historical Society members figure out the best - and least costly - way to get it there.

The Historical Society had originally estimated that it would cost about $36,000 to move the depot, and about $50,000 more to renovate the building, which would have otherwise been razed.

That changed last week when Caledonia Police Chief Jeffrey Meier rejected the planned route the building would take to its new home because the roads were not sturdy enough, said Wendy McCalvy, a village trustee. Lifting utility wires to make room for the building would be much costlier on the new, approved route, said Jess Last, who is in charge of the project.

When asked why the foundation was raised before the route was finalized, Larry McCalvy, Wendy's husband and the Historical Society's vice president, said the group wanted to get the project done quickly and they didn't realize lifting wires along the route was going to cost so much.

Lifting the electrical wires on the new route would cost about $40,000, which is $30,000 or so more than the Historical Society had planned for, Last said. As of the end of July, the Historical Society had received $50,000 in donations for the project, Last said.

The Historical Society decided Tuesday night to remove the building's roof so it doesn't get in the way of the utility wires. That should get rid of the wire-lifting fees, but it'll cost an extra $7,000 to take the roof off, and an unknown amount to put the roof back on when it arrives at its new location.

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"Once we get there, then we got a whole open area of expenses to cope with," said Jim Woolrage, former society president, who has been involved in the project. That includes replacing rotten wood on the bottom portion of the depot, and reshingling everything, he said.

The move, awaiting a final moving permit from the village of Caledonia, is tentatively scheduled for Aug. 25, Woolrage said.

Canadian Pacific Railway - which owns the depot and had agreed to pay half the moving cost - wants the building out of its current location as soon as possible, said Larry McCalvy.

Last is confident that the historical society will get enough donations to ensure the building will be fully renovated.

Woolrage, though, said: "We need whatever donations we can get, and whenever we can get them."

The depot closed in 2006, to make way for the new depot in the Renaissance Business Park.

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