Kenosha terror

Kenosha terror

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by gary metro

Photos by Mark Hertzberg

Cutline: A police officer cautiously checks the door of a McDonald's in Kenosha after a gunman opened fire Tuesday afternoon.

Cutline: Melissa Sands, who works in a Kenosha grocery store, worries about the safety of a relative who was reported to be inside the McDonald's restaurant at 6530 Pershing Blvd. on Kenosha's south side. Sands was among a large crowd of spectators who gathered around the fast food restaurant after a 1:30 p.m. shooting spree killed one customer, critically injured a second and grazed an 18-year-old man who went for help. Kenosha police said the gunman, identified by his friends as Dion Terres, 25, of 3104 60th St., was a mentally disturbed admirer of serial killers who wanted revenge for being mistreated by the world.

Words of praise for serial killers were found on a videotape made by a military-clad gunman who killed one customer and injured two others Tuesday in a random attack at a McDonald's restaurant in Kenosha.

Police said the videotape was filmed about a day before the 25-year-old gunman opened fire on a crowd of up to 20 people, then took his own life by shooting himself in the head with a.44-caliber Magnum revolver.

Authorities refused to release the identity of the gunman who opened fire about 1:30 p.m., immediately after telling stunned customers, "I want everyone out of here." But a former girlfriend and others said he was Dion Terres, of 3104 60th St., Kenosha.

The roar of Terres' long-barrel handgun shattered the calm of a late lunch hour. Employees and customers screamed and ran for cover, including two little boys who abandoned their sodas and ducked below a table.

A 50-year-old Silver Lake man died on the floor of the restaurant from a gunshot wound to the head, according to police. Kenosha County Medical Examiner Roger Johnson refused to release the victim's name because family members still are relaying the grim news to all his relatives.

Kenosha Hospital and Medical Center reported the most-seriously wounded of the two survivors, 42-year-old Sandy Kenaga of Kenosha, was in "very critical" condition late Tuesday. She underwent surgery earlier for a gunshot wound to the side of her abdomen.

An 18-year-old Kenosha man, Kirk Hauptmann, suffered a superficial gunshot wound to the forearm and was released after treatment from St. Catherine's Hospital. Hauptmann was the first to be shot, but ran from the restaurant and got help at a nearby grocery store.

Kenosha police said they found the disturbing, videotape message when they searched Terre's car. It reportedly was filmed in Terres' home, a reasonably neat wood frame bungalow framed by shrubs and neatly-tended annual flowers.

Police said the home also contained newspaper clippings about murders and information about psychiatric treatment Terres had been getting in Barrington, Ill. - a Chicago suburb adjacent to Terres' home town of Arlington Heights, Ill.

Terres' videotape, found in a camcorder left in his car, reportedly opened with a picture of the .44 magnum revolver and an even more deadly weapon, an AR-15 assault rifle found in the parking lot at McDonald's, 6530 Pershing Blvd. Police said the rifle apparently was left behind when Terres locked his car by accident, leaving a loaded 30-shot clip on the seat and not realizing he had other ammunition in his pocket.

Such a weapon, if carried into the restaurant, could have claimed many more lives, according Pataska and Capt. Robert Young, who heads the detective bureau of the Kenosha Police Department.

"It's very fortunate that he didn't enter the restaurant with that weapon," Young said.

Terres' homemade video offered a portrait of a very disturbed man who wanted to get even with a world that had done him wrong,

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according to Lt. Steven Pataska of the Kenosha Police Department.

"He makes reference that the world has screwed with him for quite some time and now it's pay-back time," Pataska said. Words of praise also were offered for several serial killers, including Jeffrey Dahmer and Theodore "Ted" Bundy.

"He thinks the way they think," Pataska said. "He made reference to them knowing how to do it, or this one did it right."

Pataska said the investigation didn't link Terres to any other homicides, But the Palatine (Ill.) Task Force sent officers to see if there were any indications of involvement in a January mass murder at Brown's Chicken, a fast food restaurant there.

Terres' videotape rambled and made no sense for long periods of time, according to Pataska. He said there were other bizarre moments, including Terres claiming, "he said he was talking to Abraham Lincoln. He said he dug Abraham Lincoln up, to put him in the bathtub."

Terres said nothing in the videotape about planning an attack and made no mention of the McDonald's he chose at the eastern edge of the Pershing Plaza shopping center.

"What brought him to McDonald's, we don't know," Pataska said.

Young said police don't know why Terres decided to open fire on innocent victims. "I believe they were just random targets," he said.

Terres' former girlfriend, Kimberly Sinkler, 16, of 4810 36th Ave., said she was surprised by what happened. But she'd seen the guns Terres brought to McDonald's and said she broke up with him because he worshipped the devil and smoked pot in a room decorated with a satanic symbol.

"The only idea I have (about the shooting) is that I broke up with him about seven or eight days ago," Sinkler said. "He didn't really take it bad. But when I first met him, he threatened that if I ever broke up with him, he'd kill himself."

Police, however, said the videotape doesn't make any mention of Sinkler. And Terres' only mention of Satan worship was inconclusive, according to Pataska.

"He made mention to satanism, and then he countered that by saying he wasn't into it," Pataska said.

Police and Sinkler said Terres had been employed by Motorola, at a factory in Zion.

Pataska described Terres as "very psychotic," but conceded there were a number of intelligent comments made during the rambling dialogue. He and Young also said there was nothing unusual about Terres' appearance - except for the camouflage trousers he wore into McDonald's.

"He looked like a clean-shaven, clean-cut person," Pataska said.

Terres' neighbors also didn't notice anything about the young man in the corner home. They said he was quiet and kept to himself.

Ron Hoffman, who lives a few doors away at 5914 31st Ave., said he tried to strike up a conversation with Terres Monday afternoon. But Terres made just a few remarks, then closed his garage door and went into his home.

"He just seemed to me that he was shy, and maybe withdrawn. He was a quiet guy," Hoffman said.


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