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Mason proposes wage hike for part-time city workers

RACINE — As inflation in the costs of living often outpaces wage increases statewide and nationwide, Mayor Cory Mason is hoping the city will “set an example” with how it pays part-time workers.

'Wolf in sheep's clothing': 17 years in prison for coach who video-recorded students

RACINE — The Wind Lake gymnastics studio owner and coach charged with possessing child pornography and placing a video-recording device in his facility’s bathroom to record his minor students was sentenced to 17 years, 3 months in prison on Friday.

Knapp looks to start walking school bus program similar to one in Milwaukee

MILWAUKEE — On an unseasonably warm February morning, 11 children — some quiet and sleepy-eyed, some chipper and chatty — followed Regina Stieber along Milwaukee sidewalks wet with melting snow.


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FRIDAY FINISHERS: Coping with nature's winter tantrum

We knew it was only a matter of time before winter reared its ugly head, and boy did it ever. After being lulled into January with springlike weather and mild temperatures and skating beneath a few heavy snowstorms that have pummeled the northern part of the state, Racine felt the fury of wi…

Journal Times editorial: Taking steps for safety in our houses of worship

We want to believe that, as Americans exercising our freedom of religion, we would be safe in our houses of worship, no matter the religion. Sadly, in recent years we have learned that, no matter your religion, that safety is not assured.

Journal Times editorial: Pelosi should send impeachment articles to the Senate today

Our perspective: Let’s get on with it. We’re tired of the updates. The Senate should move swiftly to hold a fair trial that everyone will see.

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