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John and Marlyn Johnson

RSVP volunteers John and Marlyn Johnson prepare for their Meals on Wheels route. The Johnsons, like all registered RSVP volunteers, are covered by complimentary, supplemental volunteer insurance.

RSVP-Racine volunteers are automatically enrolled for complimentary, supplemental coverage from Volunteers Insurance Service (VIS) administered by The Cima Companies Inc.

Coverage is extended in three categories: Excess accident medical coverage going to, from and during assignments; excess volunteer liability insurance, and excess automobile liability insurance.

The excess accident medical coverage is in addition to any other health insurance a volunteer has in place and applies when a volunteer is traveling while participating in an RSVP activity. This insurance does not duplicate benefits payable under other policies carried by RSVP volunteers. The maximum benefit is $50,000.

All registered RSVP volunteers are provided with excess volunteer liability insurance at a limit of $1 million per occurrence and is in addition to other liability insurance the volunteer carries.

The excess automobile liability insurance provides an extra layer of protection for registered RSVP volunteers while performing their duties and applies only after a volunteer’s insurance has been exhausted. The coverage protects a volunteer for bodily injury or property claims arising out of operation of their own vehicle during an assignment. The maximum payable claim is $500,000 per incident.

This is a summary of coverages. The insurance policy with its attendant limits and exclusions may be viewed at

RSVP volunteers must be at least 55 years old. When they sign RSVP enrollment papers, they designate a beneficiary for a death benefit that is included in the excess accident medical coverage.

Each of the six hundred RSVP projects in the United States offers complimentary, supplemental insurance coverage to its volunteers.

Volunteering, for many, is its own reward. RSVP volunteer insurance coverage supports the continuation of cost-effective volunteer service projects benefiting Racine County residents.

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