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Racine resident writes fantasy novel

Racine resident writes fantasy novel

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Name: Sara Hadwiger (Pen name: Shadwick Jescera)

Age: 30

Current town/city of residence: Racine

Occupation: Chemist

Title of book and publisher: “Winter Rose: A Curse of the Magpie,” published through Amazon and Barnes and Noble self publishing.

Synopsis of book (plot): Elizabeth Warren lives a simple life with her newly wed husband. A life that is free of pain and filled with love, that is until her husband’s friend drags them to a midnight Mass filled with cultists who worship a lich referred to as the Mother Magpie. From that point forward her life takes a drastic plunge as her body is consumed with an unholy curse that she must learn to accept.

Is this your first book? It is my first book to publish, but not necessarily the first I’ve written.

Why did you write the book? I enjoy the escape that writing fantasy novels gives me. It makes the world feel a little more endurable when things start to get difficult. I think exploring unusual concepts that could only happen in fiction is an excellent way to relieve stress. I also knew I wanted to get at least one book published before my family started to expand. I had a few other stories on the back burner, but this particular story stuck out the most to me, and since it was the shortest novel I’ve written I really felt like I could actually get it finished.

How long did it take you to write the book? I want to say about three years. I wrote the bulk of it in a tizzy over one night, and the rest has just been working with an editor and friends in order to get it into a finished work. Luckily it is a short novel, almost the length of a novella.

How did you get interested in writing? I actually started with comic books (illustration and writing) but it would take so long to draw a single page that didn’t even start to cover the plot. Eventually I burnt out and turned to writing only to discover it was much faster and it felt like a more natural process. There is also a very wonderful feeling of writing out a story by hand. It just feels right.

Where is the book available for purchase? It can be found online through Amazon or Barnes and Noble. Paperback and Ebook versions are available.

Is the book available at the library? No.

If you are a Racine County author that has published a book within the last year and would like to be featured in Our Authors, please send request to Loreen Mohr via email at; send letter to Loreen Mohr, The Journal Times, 212 Fourth St., Racine, WI 53403; or via fax at 262-631-1780.


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