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Name: Andrew V. Marcovic

Age: 83

Current town/city of residence: Gainesville, Fla.

Connection to Racine County: I am a Racine native, born at St. Luke’s Hospital, attended Howell Elementary, Franklin Junior High and Washington Park High School. I was employed at SC Johnson as a research chemist and a marketing manager, graduating from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

Title of book and publisher: “The Watchman of Thirteenth Street,” self-published.

Synopsis of book: Jack Mark and his wife, Theresa, are immigrants from Eastern Europe who come to America, the land of riches, meet, and marry in the 1920s, soon having a family to take care of. Work is plentiful until the Great Depression of late 1929. Jack is quickly unemployed from his factory job, along with millions of others, who daily search for any work available, anywhere, to buy food, clothing and a place to live. Jack is a strong man who works on farms in the spring and summer and fall, always planting his own yearly garden in back of their old government subsidized home. Both he and Theresa are religious in their beliefs and their hope for a future for their family. Government relief programs provide a minimum monthly ration of food. Will the Great Depression ever end for them, for everyone? Will he be the last man to find a good job? Nearly 10 years pass on. Suddenly a job might be available down the street in a factory by the railroad tracks with very good wages. Might this be the beginning of a new life for them all? Or are the calculated needs and deeds of others being orchestrated for their own benefit and survival, regardless of the cost to others?

Is this your first book? I’ve self-published three other fiction novels.

Why did you write the book? I wrote this novel because I lived in this period with my courageous parents, older sister and older brothers. I wished to show that a person can succeed by having faith and never giving up.

How long did it take you to write the book? It took several years to write the book and I wrote it to honor my parents and their faith in God.

How did you get interested in writing? My interest in books began with comic books and super heroes, followed by short story fiction, and when friends advised me to read the short stories of Ernest Hemingway. I did so and was amazed and loved his works, the structure of which made me feel it might be possible for me to also write my stories. I loved it all, as an art form perhaps, giving one the freedom of expression to create and enjoy one’s very own mini-universe. And, my efforts might provide entertainment and perhaps even courage and enlightenment for others, which is what Hemingway did for me.

Where is the book available for purchase?

Is the book available at the library? No.

Author’s email: I would very much enjoy being contacted and would love to respond to any questions anyone has.


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