Name: Lisa DeKeuster

Age: 43

Current city of residence: Racine

Connection to Racine County: I was born and raised here.

Occupation: Yoga teacher, Reiki master, author and substitute school teacher

Title of book and publisher: “Vibration Experiment — Get High on Vibes in Your Soul’s Experiment Called Life! Playing with Holistic Healing and Metaphysics,” published through Balboa Press.

Synopsis of book (non-fiction): The book is about our soul’s big experiment called life, why we came here in the first place, and playing with little holistic healing experiments to get high on vibes so everything becomes easier and a lot more fun.

Readers will explore how holistic healing, metaphysics, science and playtime connect. It will also cover methods to help a person get through life and deal with death including meditating; yoga; Reiki; tapping; clearing chakras; connecting with spirits; vibing with sounds, crystals and pendulums; dumping dukkha; and sleeping in noni trees.

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Is this your first book? Yes

Why did you write the book? I wrote the book because I wanted to remember and share what I was learning while I navigated through two major transitions in my life — one being the tragic accident and death of a friend, the other my determination to change my career even though I had no “plan B.”

How long did it take you to write the book? I started taking notes in 2004. Writing and editing took a year and a half.

How did you get interested in writing? I became interested in writing while teaching middle school Language Arts.

Where is the book available for purchase? At www.vibrationexperiment.com and Amazon. Also, Barnes and Noble will have it sent to your house.

Is the book available at the library? Hopefully soon.

Website or Facebook page readers can visit for more information: www.vibrationexperiment.com and Facebook at Lisa DeKeuster author page. Also on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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