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Name: Tricia (Servi) Gunberg

Age: 48

Current town/city of residence: Kailua Kona, Hawaii (Big Island)

Connection to Racine County: Born and raised in Racine. Lived there for 34 years, from birth to 2003

Occupation: Author/healer

Title of book and publisher: “Say Yes to Who You Are to Create Fitness,” Balboa Press

Synopsis of book (plot): The plot is to inspire people to exercise and to understand themselves better. The book offers a unique personalized approach to wellness through numerology.

Is this your first book? Yes, this is the first in the series to be published.

Why did you write the book? A heap of spiritual guidance, a dash of luck from a blog post I wrote and a skosh of support from my past inspired me. All of which were motivated by my study of numerology. Struggles with weight, depression and illness propelled me to learn body-mind connections and numerology. Seeing and accepting myself through numerology unlocked my intuitive and healing abilities too. Most important though, numerology helped me understand how important writing is for me (like air and food) and others with a 3 in their numerology.

How long did it take you to write the book? The first blog post (Fitscopes) relating to the book was August of 2014. Once I decided to simplify my original idea and committed myself to a contract, it took me nine months. “Say Yes to Who You Are to Create Fitness” is more than a blueprint to design your own fitness routine. It is a health and wellness program which also includes meditation ideas, journaling prompts, injury prevention, intuitive practice, angel connections and personalized affirmations. I am glad I did a rewrite to offer my clients and others an interactive self-actualizing wellness tool.

How did you get interested in writing? High school was hard for me but the praise and encouragement I received from my father and a teacher for my poetry stayed with me. I published a poem in 1989 but I didn’t start writing on a regular basis until journaling and dream interpretation became a habit in 2003. I began writing short stories based on my dreams. In 2014, when I created my healing website, I knew I was going to write something, I just didn’t know what.

Where is the book available for purchase?,,

Website or Facebook page readers can visit for more information:

Do you have a blog? Yes. It’s at

If you are a Racine County author that has published a book within the last year and would like to be featured in Our Authors, please send request to Loreen Mohr via email at; send letter to Loreen Mohr, The Journal Times, 212 Fourth St., Racine, WI 53403; or via fax at 262-631-1780.


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