Brushing up on your dog’s oral health: Here are some tips
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Brushing up on your dog’s oral health: Here are some tips

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Smaller dog breeds have an increased risk for tartar formation and gum recession.

Like humans, dogs can suffer periodontal disease, tooth decay, injured teeth and other oral health problems. Beyond discomfort and bad breath, these dental problems can lead to serious health issues, including kidney disease, heart disease and more, as well as costly dental care.

As both a veterinarian and dog owner, I’ve learned that when it comes to dental hygiene, taking preventative steps at home and making regular visits to the vet are well worth the effort, not only for your pet’s overall health and comfort but for your budget as well. Canine teeth cleaning or periodontal care performed by a veterinarian is costly and requires that your dog be sedated. Though a periodic thorough veterinary dental cleaning may be eventually needed, why not try to minimize the need if you can?


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