A decade characterized by hair bands, leg warmers and neon, the '80s was certainly a rad time in history. Reagan was in office, the internet hadn't gone mainstream and the Berlin Wall came tumbling down. Whether you're a child of the '80s or you just have an affinity for the decade, you may want to give your little one a totally choice name from this era.

The data experts at MooseRoots, a genealogy research site, decided to find out which names definitively rocked the 1980s. To accomplish this, they calculated the average annual frequency of names during all decades. They then found the average annual frequency for all names in the 1980s. Names that were two standard deviations greater than the inter-decade average in the 1980s were determined to have a higher performance relative to all other decades.

Browse the 50 gnarliest names of the '80s to find the right fit for your little dude or dudette.

Note: The names on the list all have higher-average frequency during the '80s as compared to their inter-decade averages. Some names on this list can also qualify to have rocked other decades, along with the 1980s.

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