Dan Simoneau acrylic on canvas

"Forget Regrets, or Life is Yours to Miss," an acrylic on canvas by Dan Simoneau.

RACINE — At a time when selfies and social media shares are ever more popular, it is intriguing to consider what it means to explore the self and others through more formal two and three-dimensional representations.

Open through Aug. 10, “About Face: RAM Community Art Show” at Wustum Museum of Fine Arts, 2519 Northwestern Ave., invited local artists to investigate portraiture, and put their best face forward. The resulting community exhibition showcases innovative artwork by RAM’s students, active volunteers, teachers, and staff, in addition to Racine Unified School District teachers and Racine Art Guild members.

In the narrow terms, a portrait is understood as a two-dimensional representation that focuses on a sitter’s upper body. In an expanded context, a portrait could be an image, or object, that conveys information about a person or persons (or animal) beyond the physical — reflecting personalities and personal circumstances as well as social and cultural dynamics.

“About Face” features work created by area families and art students on view side-by-side with well-known regional artists who teach or work at the museums. The exhibition of 119 pieces by 119 artists includes a wide range of media that reflects the stunning variety of different workshops and classes taught at Wustum Museum, a campus of the Racine Art Museum.

Racine and Kenosha county artists included in the exhibition: Sandra Nowicki, Nancy Neider, Sue Horton, Jill Armstrong, Cathleen Holmes, Carol Klees-Stark, Dan Simoneau, John W. Terhardt, Paula Touhey, Greg Uttech, Sarah Andersen, Eileen Black, Karen Chartrand, Trace Chiodo, Ron Dunnett, Patricia Guttenberg, Luella Pias, Cherry Wardrip, Remedios Aguirre-Sullivan, Chelsea Banlow, Dennis Bayuzick, Jerry Belland, John Blasko, Tricia Blasko, Christine Bohn, Lisa Bohon, Jon Bolton, Karen Brittain, Karen Broman, Susan Buhler, Jill Castillo, Lauren Chalekian, Vicki Chekouras, Dominic Cibrario, Deedee Dumont, Beatrice Eichten, Lisa Englander, John Falk, P.M. Fallon, Ruby Ferguson, Alexander Greiveldinger, Ann Henkes, Peggy Juras, Suzanne Kadamian, Paula Kalke, Jenifer LaBelle, Wynter LaCount-Niedfeldt, Camela Langendorf, Karen Mathis, Penny McGuire, Sharon Mellberg, Jayne Miner, Janet Mrazek, Mary E. Nelson, Holly Ottum, Bruce W. Pepich, Christa Pessin, Kate Peterson, Steven Pfieffer, Jude Poplawski, Ruth Quirke, Lisa Rasmussen, Linda Reeves, Alicia Sala, Sue Smith, Susan M. Sorenson, Jean Sullivan, Scott Terry, Ardath Trebra, Natalie Tremblay, Jeanette White, Kelly Witte, Marc Wollman, Robert Van Der Kam, Natalee Zeisler, Jennifer Zygmunt, Jing Li and Steven Rys.

Wustum Museum is open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday. There is no admission fee. Go to www.ramart.org.

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