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If you’ve committed to getting fit in 2019, you’ve probably started upping your weekly exercise. But dragging yourself to the gym on a cold winter morning or evening takes motivation that can test even the most determined New Year’s resolutions. That’s where this compact rowing machine comes in. It’s a light and affordable first step to building your home gym.

Sleek Design

This compact rowing machine is perfect for small spaces and rooms that serve dual purposes as offices or guest rooms and home gyms. The steel frame machine is sturdy enough to support 250 pounds but weighs just 34 pounds. It can be folded into a standing position and tucked into the closet when not in use.

Easy Assembly

This compact rowing machine from Harvil isn’t just designed to fit into small spaces—it’s also easy to for one person to assemble and adjust. Several customers noted that they were able to get up and running (or rowing) in minutes.

Why Customers Love It

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In addition to be compact enough for small spaces, customers also noted this rowing machine was quiet enough to use in apartments and didn’t drown out their favorite shows. The price was right at just $120 and seemed like a steal considering the durable construction. Customers also liked the ability to track time and calories burned with the built in LCD display, and felt they were working up a sweat without the trek to the gym.

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