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Duffels for Kids

This is an example of one of the bags that Faith, Hope & Love creates as part of its Duffels for Kids program, which gives the bags to children displaced from their home due to abuse, neglect or a tragedy.

Here are 10 ways the Racine community can support foster children and foster parents:

1. Partner with Faith, Hope & Love to provide a NEW backpack filled with: paper, pencils, pens, colored pencils, crayons, notebooks and pocket folders. We will be delivering school supplies to children in Racine County foster care this August.

2. When you see pajamas (any size), school supplies, fleece blankets, stuffed animals, journals, art supplies, etc., on clearance, consider purchasing them and donating to Faith, Hope & Love.

These items are placed in our Duffels for Kids bags; for children displaced from their home due to abuse, neglect or a tragedy.

3. Provide short-term respite care for a foster parent. There are those times when foster parents will require a short-term break from their foster child. This break may be the result of foster parents traveling on vacation, a temporary move into a new home, or that the birth children in the foster home require some much-needed time with their own parents. This break is often known as respite care. Respite care may also be used simply because some foster parents are trying to prevent burn-out, and need a break from their foster child. Contact Racine County Foster Care at 262-638-6356.

4. Provide a free or discounted service to foster families such as haircuts, house-cleaning, restaurant meals, movie passes, music lessons, etc.

5. Help pay for summer camps and field trips for foster children.

6. Help a foster child have a happy Christmas. Again this year, Faith, Hope & Love will be providing Christmas gifts to children in foster care. If you would like to sponsor a child, please contact us at or 262-902-0556.

7. Bring a meal. As with many busy families, finding time to cook and clean can be difficult. Check with a foster family to find out what they like to eat, when they typically eat dinner, and bring them something that they can all enjoy! This frees the family up for some quality time with each other.

8. Stop by just to clean their house or help with laundry.

9. Create a Birthday-in-a-Bag or purchase birthday gift. Faith, Hope & Love is creating a birthday program that will provide birthday bags and a birthday gift for children in foster care.

Birthday-in-a-Bag items may include:

  • Cake mix
  • Icing
  • Candles
  • Cake decorations
  • Party favors (enough for six to eight children)
  • Birthday-themed paper goods (plates, napkins, etc.)
  • Themed or colorful party decorations (tablecloths, streamers, etc.)
  • Any other nonperishable items that you might find at a child’s birthday party!

10. Become a foster parent. Children in foster care always need safe and loving homes. You can find out what steps you need to take to be a foster parent by calling 262-638-6356.

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