Defeating an evil villain is book topic

Defeating an evil villain is book topic

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Name: J.P. Hill (Joanne Hill)

Age: 31

Current city of residence: Racine

Occupation: Employee at Texas Roadhouse

Title of book and publisher: “The Legendary Heroes: The Chosen Ones,” Createspace

Sypnosis: The legendary guardian searches for 12 ordinary people to become the legendary heroes to defeat the first evil villain who wielded a powerful weapon by stealing its victims youth and transformed them into a young, powerful villain to rule the universe. Can the new heroes stop the villain before they become its next victim or have the entire world fall to its knees to the evil villain’s cruel hands?

Is this your first book? Yes

Why did you write the book? Because, I want everyone to read something new and interesting.

How long did it take you to write the book? Twelve years.

How did you get interested in writing? When I was reading the Harry Potter books, it inspired me to write.

Where is the book available for purchase? Amazon. com

Is the book available at the library? No.

Facebook page readers can visit for more information? Joanne Hill on Facebook.

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