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The Positive Solutions workshops are well underway in Racine County. The workshops are designed for families of young children (birth to 6 years old) with the goal of helping parents/caregivers build positive relationships with children by understanding child development, positive discipline techniques and how to foster the overall social-emotional well-being of the child.

To date, four sessions of the Positive Solutions workshop series have been held at Racine Unified School District schools and 4K partner sites. Forty-one parents/caregivers and 33 children have participated in the program, and additional workshops are being planned. A a series for Spanish-speaking families began April 9.

The power of the program lies in the parent participants who dedicate six weeks to the Positive Solutions workshops. Each week, parents/caregivers come together to learn new parenting techniques, share what is working or not working, and to support each other. The workshops are facilitated by a UW-Extension educator who shares new parenting information, encourages conversations among participants and supports parents/caregivers in their parenting journeys.

The program is having a strong impact on participating families who have shared the following testimonials about the program.

  • “I am forever grateful for this program. It has changed my life and the life of my family. For anyone who reads this, please take this course. This workshop can help even the best parents. It will help keep you on the right path, and it will show you a new way to you interact with your child. We are helping to create the next generation, and through positivity, we can do it right.”
  • “This is a wonderful resource if you are struggling with your child’s behavior. It gives you a variety of tools you can use for every situation.”
  • “It’s great! It is practical information all parents can use.”
  • “This program is for everyone. It’s not for “bad” parents; it’s for people who want to be the best parent possible.”

Overall, parents have shared that they are able to remain calmer when their child is upset and that their whole household is calmer, frustration has decreased and parents seem relieved to know that other parents are struggling with similar behaviors. Families are also connected to local community resources, early literacy programs and early intervention screenings like the Ages and Stages Questionnaire (ASQ) to support kindergarten readiness.

Positive Solutions is made possible through support of the United Way of Racine County; and offered in partnership with RUSD’s Early Education Program, teachers and staff who have welcomed families into the schools for this important program.

Master gardeners

The master gardeners of Racine and Kenosha counties have earned recognition for their distinctive levels of cumulative volunteer service with UW-Extension. Congratulations to the following Master Gardener Volunteers for reaching these milestones:

  • 1,000 hours: Linda Graeper, and Betty Robinson.
  • 750 hours: Rose Christensen, Joanne Dugenske, Maryann Melby, and George Toshner.
  • 500 hours: Rose Kennedy, Karen Kristopeit, Susan Madsen, Bonnie Parkman, Marjean Schlagenhaft, Justine Scott, Pat Webb
  • 250 hours: Diane Battisti, Cathy Brnak, Sue Hammel, Kathleen Kostroski, Judy Obermeyer, Linda O’Connell, Ruth Perry, Jeanette Rickman, Nicole Riendeau, Sue Sauer, and Marcia Zabel.
  • 150 hours: Denise Anastasio, Robin Anderson, Annette Balestreri, Melody Orban, Roberta Radar, John Schlax, Richard Short, Ruth Smithers, Rebecca Stork, Juta Vos, and Patricia Webb.

Youth Tractor Safety program

The 2018 Kenosha/Racine County Youth Tractor Safety program will be held June 18, 19, 20 and 22 at Burlington High School. Specific times will be determined. Please watch for updates or contact Leigh Presley at 262-767-2905 for more information.

Prairie Walk

A local Prairie Walk will be held at 9 a.m. Wednesday, June 13, at Tracy Layton’s Century Oaks Farm, 4111 Dyer Lake Road, Burlington. Registration is $15 per person and includes lunch. Go to or contact Leigh Presley at 262-767-2905 for more information.


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