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As I See It: A mound of money requested

As I See It: A mound of money requested

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Since I wrote a few months ago about visiting Mound Cemetery in Racine for the first time, I have gone back often for my daily walk. It’s quiet, peaceful (no, not dead). There is little traffic, an ample scattering of shade trees which I welcome on hot sunny days and a variety of paths one can walk.

Ah, but there are flaws. Nothing severe, but flaws.

A few areas of the roads in Mound Cemetery are in — oh, I can’t wait to say this — grave condition.

That’s understandable. Cemetery roads do not rank high among priorities in the city’s annual budget. Racine’s mayor and Common Council have more important things to consider. Such as salaries, employee pension funds, purchase of emergency vehicles, garbage pick-up and disposal and, of course, golf courses. No matter how much they raise the rent for Tex Reynolds Toys for Tots, there isn’t enough for cemetery roads.

So it should behoove us to find other ways to fund Mound Cemetery road improvement.

I have been considering establishing a fund called Money for Mound.

But where to start? We can’t ask the residents of Mound Cemetery to contribute. As people often say, “You can’t take it with you.”

For openers, Mayor Cory Mason should write a letter to Joseph Robinette Biden Jr., who holds a high government position in Washington, D.C. I have already saved the mayor work by writing this letter for him:

“Hi, Joe, old buddy. How are you and good ol’ Jill doing? You know, of course, Joe, that the roads in Mound Cemetery could stand some work. Could you see to it that some of the 18 zillion dollars of infrastructure money could be deposited in Money for Mound?”

Then I will ask my alderman, Jeffrey Peterson, and County Board supervisor, Jody Spencer, to jointly write a letter to the CEOs of Potawatomi and Ho-Chunk casinos. They would point out that Mound Cemetery includes and is named for burial mounds built by Native Americans a few years ago. Thus, it would be nice if the Potawatomi and Ho-Chunk tribes contribute to Money for Mound an itsy bitsy, teeny weeny amount of the cash Racine residents donate at the casinos in any given month. They shouldn’t have any reservations about that. (Pause 10 seconds to groan.)

Meanwhile, I may contact The Hershey Co. and suggest it donate one-thousandth of 1% of its annual sales of Mounds candy bars. In other words, I may mooch for a mound of Mounds money for Money for Mound.

And I planned to pledge to donate the money I would have earned guest hosting “Jeopardy” had the producers not decided on permanent hosts.

Civic-minded residents who want to participate may send signed blank checks to me.

To contact Emmert Dose, write to him at The Journal Times, 212 Fourth St., Racine, WI 53403 or email


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