3 ways to make your tap water taste better
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3 ways to make your tap water taste better

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Tap Water

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Drinking water from the tap is environmentally and economically friendly, but sometimes local mineral counts make tap water taste strange. If you’re reaching for bottled water, try these solutions to make your tap water taste better instead.

1) Add a water filtration system to your home.

The most permanent solution for strange tasting tap water is to add a water filter to your home. Permanent water filters will allow you to skip the step of filtering your water after it comes out of the tap, and will change the mineral count as water is running through the pipe. Home owners may want to consider this permanent solution for fresher tasting tap water. There are also several options for those who use a well as their water source.

Add a water filtration system to your home.

2) Buy a portable water filter.

If you want to try out a water filter before investing in a system for your home, a portable water filter is the way to go. You can store a smaller 10-cup filter pitcher in the refrigerator, or keep the whole family hydrated with an 18-cup water dispenser. This temporary solution is also a great option for renters.

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3) Infuse your water.

Sometimes the key to better tasting tap water is to add some flavor. This infusion pitcher allows you to add the taste of fruit and herbs while keeping chunks of fruit separated from your water. Whether you prefer classic lemon and cucumber, or love fun flavors like strawberries and rosemary, an infuser is a great way to encourage yourself and your family to drink more tap water.

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