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Journal Times editorial: New Racine Unified referendum is a bad idea

Racine Unified School District officials last Wednesday proposed a referendum to levy about $10 million in additional funds per year, as we… Read more

Jendusa-Nicholai: Thankful to Sen. Wanggaard for Marsy's Law support

As a survivor of violent crime, I’d like to express my sincere thanks to area Sen. Van Wanggaard for supporting Marsy’s Law for Wisconsin a… Read more

Mohrbacher: Another RUSD referendum?

Is this really happening again? In the August 16 edition of The Journal Times, it appears that Racine Unified is considering asking for ano… Read more

Sobota: Trump is Putin's poodle

I heard a news commentator call our latest one term President Putin’s poodle. This shows disrespect for a fine dog breed. I have owned a nu… Read more

Graf: Road construction grievance

As I traveled west on Plank Road (Highway) across Highway 45 in Racine County to visit my daughter to the hospital, I got a surprise. An of… Read more

Hoffman: Schools of Hope helps children

Schools of Hope is a great volunteer opportunity for people who care about our young readers. This will be my second year as a Schools of H… Read more


10 insights on today's news that will make you smarter tomorrow

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Commentary: Sick of increasingly hot summers? Well, they may just be warming up

Southern California sweated out record-setting triple-digit temperatures in July in places ranging from downtown Los Angeles to Santa Ana. That's Inland Empire heat in the L.A. Basin. And 2018 is on track to be one of the hottest years since record-keeping began in 1880, fitting in with the past four years – 2016 was the warmest year, 2015 the second-warmest, followed by 2017 and 2014. And ... Read more

Commentary: In revealing Catholic Church sex abuse, we can thank the law — and not the Men of God

Thank God for the criminal investigators and prosecutors. Thank God for the grand jury subpoenas. For they extracted - like rotting teeth - clergy-abuse personnel files in unreachable corners of six Pennsylvania Roman Catholic dioceses serving 1.7 million people. Thank God for the courage of the victims. For without them, Attorney General Josh Shapiro and his team would have had no real cause ... Read more

Editorial: The military is not a toy

President Donald J. Trump officially cancelled his planned fall military parade in Washington, D.C., complaining about how much the District wanted to charge the federal government for the cost of hosting. Members of Congress had urged Mr. Trump to spend the money (as much as $92 million by one estimate) on veterans' mental health services. Instead, the president tweeted that he might just use ... Read more

Commentary: Gig companies keep trying to evade the law

Gig companies such as Uber, DoorDash and Instacart portray themselves as brave and brilliant innovators, underdog entrepreneurs whose explosive growth simply reflects that they've built a better mousetrap. But the companies have been sued again and again, in the United States and around the globe, by workers who say these businesses prosper by violating their workers' basic legal rights. That ... Read more

Commentary: In Israel, a cartoonist was fired for a political offense. I quit my job in protest

I have never met Avi Katz, the illustrator and editorial cartoonist fired by the Jerusalem Report in late July for a politically controversial drawing. In fact, I've never even spoken to Katz on the phone. Yet we have the intimate relationship that grows out of artistic partnership. For more than 10 years, once every four weeks, I have published a piece of short fiction in the Report, and Katz ... Read more

Commentary: California Republicans have long championed the environment. Trump is trashing that core belief

Careful stewardship of the environment has long been a central tenet of California conservatism. Beginning with the sweeping protections afforded Yosemite with the establishment of the National Park System under President Teddy Roosevelt, continuing to the creation of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency under President Richard Nixon and including the most recent aggressive carbon emission ... Read more

Commentary: The press and the people

One difference between Richard Nixon's Watergate scandal and Donald Trump's mess is the 24-hour news cycle. Watergate was a long and winding road. Two years passed from June of 1972 when Frank Wills, a 24-year-old security guard, called law enforcement to report suspicious activity at the Watergate Hotel, until Richard Nixon's resignation on Aug. 8, 1974. But in those two years of Watergate, ... Read more

County considers advisory referendum on ‘dark stores’


RACINE COUNTY— In various pockets of Racine County, there are empty storefronts that used to house … Read more