Journal Times - Local News Afternoon

Stop awhile at Pass-Thru Park; Needed green space added to Uptown

RACINE — Linea Anthony, Chairman of the Uptown Business Improvement District board, was probably one of the first to realize the Pass-Thru Park was open because she’ll pass through it every workday. Read more

Mark Gates courtyard 'healing' for church, community

RACINE — For those who loved and lost Pastor Mark D. Gates, the courtyard dedicated in his memory felt like more than a courtyard. Read more

West case remains at DA's office, no new information released

RACINE — After two weeks at the Racine County District Attorney’s Office, no decision has been made as to the outcome of the investigation into the fatal shooting of 18-year-old Ty’ Rese West by Mount Pleasant Police Sgt. Eric Giese. Read more

Heckenlively to move back into Racine Unified district

RACINE — After living in Franklin for several months, Racine Unified School Board member John Heckenlively has secured a residence within the school district. Read more

Burlington Coat Factory leaving mall, moving to former Toys R Us

RACINE – Burlington Coat Factory is leaving Regency Mall and moving to the old Toys R Us location, according to Dennis Roush, field manager of Innovation Construction Solutions, Inc. Read more

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