Details for RACINE WASTEWATER UTILITY - Ad from 2020-09-16

RACINE HOUSEHOLD HAZARDOUS WASTE COLLECTION For City of Racine, Caledonia, Elmwood Park, Mt. Pleasant, North Bay, Sturtevant & Wind Point Residents Only Location: 6200 21st Street, West of Hwy. 31 Every 3rd Saturday: April to October 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Place Materials in Trunk/Truck Bed Only & Do Not Exit Vehicle What You Should Bring HOUSEHOLD ITEMS Artist & hobby paint Batteries, Alkaline/Lithium Cleaners, polishes, removers w/ solvent Cooking oil (used) Floor/wax stripper w/ solvent Fluorescent light bulbs/compact bulbs (CFLs) Insect spray/baits & rodent poison Laundry bleach Metal cleaners Mothballs Pool chemicals Thermometers w/ mercury Thermostats w/ mercury AUTOMOTIVE Antifreeze (recycling is preferred) Auto body repair products Brake fluid Carburetor fuel injection cleaners Car wax, solvent based Degreasers Gasoline, fuels Gas & oil mixture Motor oil (recycling preferred), refrigerants, starter fluids Transmission fluid HOME IMPROVEMENT Adhesive, glues w/ solvent Cleaners, solvent based Concrete cleaner (acid) Furniture stripper Oil based paint Paint remover/turpentine Stain/varnish/lacquer Wood preservative YARD & GARDEN Fertilizer w/ weed killer Insect or bug killer Kerosene Lighter fluid Pool chemicals Rat/rodent poison Weed killer THIS PROGRAM DOES NOT ACCEPT: Agriculture wastes Ammunition/explosives/fireworks Appliances of any kind Business/commercial wastes Electronics Empty containers (recycle when possible) Fire extinguishers Institutional wastes Latex paint (use “paint dry” products) Lead acid batteries Medical Waste Propane tank Radioactive waste Smoke detectors (throw away) Tires * Solvent-containing products have the words: flammable, combustible or contains petroleum distillates on the label. Any products with acetone, xylene and methylene chloride should be saved for collection. Some retailers recycle batteries. Call 1-800-8-BATTERY. Agricultural, Institutional or Business Wastes can be collected by special arrangement. Please see the website for more details. For more information: Call 262-636-9181 or visit

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