Details for RACINE CO HUMAN SERVICES-FOSTER - Ad from 2020-10-11

October 2020 Foster Care Hero Meet Nicole Sturycz and Guy Cygnor (Foster Parents since 2017) As a teacher for fourteen years, my eyes were opened to the heartbreaking and sometimes unfathomable situations many of these joyful, tender children have to face on a daily basis. It was with this precious burden that I began to take classes to become a foster parent. I always knew there was a need, but was oh, so unaware of what a great extent. As I took on my first placement, my bubble of naivety had burst in the best possible way. I invited brokenness into my home and now saw the ugly effects of it on the faces of these beautiful children. What a vulnerable place for them. Yet what an amazing opportunity it is for me as an adult to reassure and provide the stability that they are craving. There is a wonderful quote that is quite convicting to me: “We can’t let the fear of loving a child that might leave deter us; we must let the fear of a child not knowing love drive us.” What a gift it is to provide the needs of these children. What a gift it is to get to pray for them and tell them that there is hope amidst the brokenness. Especially during COVID-19, there is still a need for foster parents. The Racine County Foster Care Unit continues to operate. Please contact us for more information, including how to access online informational sessions. The process to become a licensed foster parent can still start! (262) 638-6595

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