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ask the lawyer by James W. Pruitt Attorney at Law FrOZeN If you have a friend or a loved one who has passed, there’s a good chance that any assets that were in their name at the time of death are now frozen. In other words, the bank will not release the money, the title company will not allow sale of the property, or the Department of Motor Vehicles will not allow the sale of the vehicle to take place. If the assets total over $50,000, a probate is needed. When choosing a law firm to help you with a probate, you should choose one that has extensive experience. The process can be complex and time consuming. You will want an attorney to help you through the myriad of paperwork and deadlines. Proper notice needs to be published, and the claims against the estate must be paid in a certain order. Once the expenses have been paid, the assets can be unfrozen and distributed to the beneficiaries as determined by a will or the statutes of Wisconsin. If you’re faced with a probate, don’t be left out in the cold. Contact the Pruitt Law Offices S. C. to schedule a phone, video, or inperson appointment at 262-6338301, or through our website at Advertisement