Details for BUILDING WATERS - Ad from 2019-12-01

Ask the expert: **Attention all readers!!!! If you have a plumbing or heating question, please call our office! We may use your question in the paper! ** Q Hi, I have a sump pump on a pedestal. I want to get a new one, however, what is out there? Are there better options for me? - Bill S - A Hi Bill, I prefer a submersible pump. A submersible pump is water cooled by the water in the crock so it won’t overheat. I also suggest to have a separate float / switch that is detached from the pump. This gives the customer the ability to set the run time to be the most efficient. Many submersible pumps have the float/ switch as part of the pump. This brings up 2 potential problems. One, if the switch goes bad, you have to change the pump too! The other problem is, you can’t adjust the run time to work efficiently. You usually are fighting Mother Nature and the pump runs too often. We also have a wonderful battery back-up system that sisters our pump and is very user friendly and can be understood by a person with little mechanical aptitude. Call us to help you out and to set up your sump pump correctly. — Wes Rosenberg, Owner/Master Plumber 262-989-1001

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