Details for BUILDING WATERS - Ad from 2021-10-10

Ask the expert: **Attention all readers!!!! If you have a plumbing or heating question, please call our office! We may use your question in the paper! ** Q Hello! I have this chrome knob looking thing mounted on my kitchen sink, next to my faucet. EVERY TIME I run my dishwasher, (that my husband put in) I get soap bubbles coming out of the little opening on the side of it. The soap bubbles get all over the counter and make a mess. What is this thing and do I need it? What does it do? Is mine broken? Help! A Hello Kelly! - Kelly B That knob is a dishwasher air gap. It is something that is required by state law. A dishwasher airgap is a device that is to stop bacteria in the sewer from growing into your dishwasher and ultimately getting on your dishes. If you didn’t have one, you are opening yourself up for possible illness caused by the bacteria you may or may not see on your dishes! In your case, thank your husband for installing one, however, the hose underneath the sink cavity is likely installed wrong and is just too long. It should be shortened up a bit, and that will eliminate the soap bubbles. Also, try to have the opening aim toward your sink so that if anything were to come out it will dribble into the sink receptor. Wes Rosenberg, Owner/Master Plumber 262-989-1001