Details for BUILDING WATERS - Ad from 2021-06-06

Ask the expert: **Attention all readers!!!! If you have a plumbing or heating question, please call our office! We may use your question in the paper! ** Q Good morning, My wife and I want to get a new toilet. Any suggestions? -Frank V-. A Good morning Frank, There are a few variables to take into consideration prior to purchasing a toilet. Should it be comfort height? Should it have an elongated bowl? Do I need a 10 or 12“ rough in? Many customers think that an elongated bowl will not fit in the same space as the previous toilet and may stick out too far. In a narrow bathroom, that could make a difference, or in a bathroom where the swing of the door comes into play. I’ve seen where a new toilet was installed, and the plumber, (myself), couldn’t open the door and escape the room. Elongated bowls stick out approximately 30 inches from the wall. The measurement from the mounting holes to the back wall is also important. If it’s a 12-inch rough-in toilet and a 10-inch distance to the wall, the tank will not fit on the bowl. We keep our favorite toilets in stock here and can tell you more about those as well. Please call us and we will help you make a good decision for yourself. Wes Rosenberg, Owner/Master Plumber 262-989-1001