Details for ROMA LODGE ITALIAN FESTIVAL - Ad from 2021-07-18

LETTER FROM THE PRESIDENT ROMA LODGE PAST PRESIDENTS Standing, left to right: Pete Ciaramita (23rd), Joe Porcaro (24th), Buddy Alfano (26th), Rick Bonanno (27th), David Chaipete (28th) Seated, left to right: Ralph Nicotera, Jr. (14th), Russ Missureli (15th), John Lapetina (17th), Gene Presta (19th), Ralph Nioctera III (21st) 2021 BOARD MEMBERS President – Frank Bisotti, Vice President - John Pisanello Parliamentarian - Jeff DeMatthew, Recording Secretary - Jon Morelli Membership Secretary - Mike Peratt, Treasurer - Pat Diem, Past President - Dave Chiapete 2021 DIRECTORS Frank Caruso, Jason Evitts, Jack LeRose, Matt Montemurro, Dennis Porcaro Bill Pucci, Jr., Dave Silvani, Pat Tierney On behalf of the Roma Lodge members, Board of Directors, and the Festival Committee, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the people of Racine and all surrounding communities for past and continued support of our annual Italian Festival. The members of Roma Lodge are excited and proud to once again present a wonderful festival to the community. This year, the festival will be held on the Roma Lodge grounds. Because of your support and that of all the volunteers that work our festival, Roma Lodge has now donated over $360,000 to local health care facilities! I would like to thank Roma Lodge Festival Chair Patrick Diem and the Festival Committee for their year-round work in continuing to ensure that our Festival lives up to the standard that the Racine and surrounding communities deserve. It has been an especially challenging year moving to a new venue. Roma Lodge is fortunate to have over 350 hardworking and dedicated members who contribute not only to our festival weekend but to so many events and functions that we hold year-round at Roma Lodge. Thank you to each and every one of you. We are extremely proud of our Italian heritage and that we continue to make significant contributions to the community. The weekend will consist of our delicious Italian food and great music, but what so many love most is simply the camaraderie! We look forward to another spectacular Italian Festival weekend. Ciao! Frank Bisotti President