Details for GATEWAY/PROCEEDINGS - Ad from 2022-05-12

GATEWAY TECHNICAL COLLEGE DISTRICT BOARD Special Meeting, March 31, 2022 The Gateway Technical College District Board met virtually on Thursday, March 31, 2022. The meeting was called to order at 2:00 p.m. by Scott Pierce, Chairperson. I. Call to Order ‚óŹ Open Meeting Compliance: K. Bartlett confirmed the meeting was duly noticed in accordance with state statutes for open meeting compliance. II. Roll Call Present: Jesse Adams, William Duncan, Zaida Hernandez-Irisson, Bethany Ormseth, Jason Tadlock, Pamela Zenner-Richards and Scott Pierce Excused: Ram Bhatia, Rebecca Matoska-Mentink Also in attendance were Bryan Albrecht, Kelly Bartlett, Liz Allen and 21 online citizens/reporters. III. Approval of Agenda It was moved by W. Duncan and seconded by P. Zenner-Richards and carried to approve the agenda. IV. Adjourn At approximately 2:01 p.m. it was moved by P. Zenner-Richards, seconded by J. Tadlock and carried that the meeting was adjourned and the Gateway Technical College District Board moved to executive session pursuant to Wisconsin Statutes 19.85(1)(c) to discuss contracts. The Board reserves the right to reconvene in open session to take action on items discussed in executive session. Aye: 7, Nay: 0, Abstaining: 0, Absent: 2 V. Executive Session At approximately 2:24 pm, the Board reconvened in Open Session. W. Duncan motioned, seconded by P. Zenner-Richards to approve the recommendation from the Ad Hoc Committee to select Greenwood Asher & Associates to lead the Presidential Search with a $200,000 search fee cap without additional Board approval. Aye: 5, Nay: 0, Abstaining: 2 (S. Pierce and J. Adams), Absent: 2 At 2:26 pm it was moved by R. Matoska-Mentink, seconded by J. Adams and carried by roll call vote that the meeting was adjourned. Aye: 9, Nay: 0, Abstaining: 0, Absent: 0 Submitted by, Zaida Hernandez-Irisson Secretary PUB: May 12, 2022 #96374 WNAXLP