Details for BROSSMANS MEAT MARKET - Ad from 2019-12-03

Stock up and Save with one of our freezer meat packS! FREEZER MEAT SPECIAL #1 1½ lbs. Brats 3 lbs. Ham 2 lbs. Bacon 2 lbs. Pork Steak 6 lbs. Chicken 3 lbs. Rump Roast 3 lbs. Pot Roast 1½ lbs. Beef Stew 5 lbs. Pork Chops 5 lbs. Country Pork Ribs 12 lbs. Lean Ground Beef 17495 $ Cut, Freezer Wrapped & Flash Frozen FREEZER MEAT SPECIAL #2 3 lbs. Brats 6 lbs. Ham 3 lbs. Bacon 4 lbs. Pork Steak 12 lbs. Chicken 6 lbs. Rump Roast 6 lbs. Pot Roast 3 lbs. Beef Stew 10 lbs. Pork Chops 10 lbs. Country Pork Ribs 25 lbs. Lean Ground Beef 34995 $ Cut, Freezer Wrapped & Flash Frozen ExpEriEncE All ThE FlAvor AT 6900 Hwy. 31 • M-T 7-6, Fri 7-7, Sat 7-6 262-639-5828 OPen During rOaD COnSTruCTiOn!

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