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“But You’re Not A Real Doctor” But you still helped me ... [I’m the one on the Right, just in case you wanted to know] and pills that never corrects the cause of their health problems. There are tons of studies showing the effectiveness and cost savings of Chiropractic care and yet no one seems to know about them. For example; chiropractic patients have She went on to tell me a horror story of Doctors, specialists, pills, therapies and 60.2% less hospitalizations, 62.0% less surgeries, 83% less pharmaceutical more. Over a year of pain and suffering without any relief, just more tests and I usage! This alone can save thousands in health costs, besides the fact of don’t know diagnosis! I examined and X-Rayed her and found what I believed to helping you feel better and act with better health. be the cause. Which she promptly said “that it can’t be that easy!” I explained Over the years we’ve helped a Jot of people with neck and back pains. We’ve to her that I would perform a few spinal adjustments and we’ll see. Especially also help people with: Sciatica, Migraines, Sinus problems, Whiplash, Ear since she had already been everywhere. Two treatments later. No pain, and Infections, Knee Pain, Stomach issues, Numbness in hands and feet, no symptoms. She went on to a complete recovery, but still insisted that I Insomnia, Carpal Tunnel, and many more. I realize that most people have wasn’t a real Doctor ... Why this story? Simple. We’re trying help people become some fears like, they won’t be helped, it will be too expensive, the Doctor won’t pain free and healthier, but also save some good people from Bankruptcy! listen to me, or the Doctor may not be skilled. We realize that everyone is afraid when their sick or in pain. We’ ll do our best to answer all of your questions and There are Billions of dollars wasted every year on expensive medical care fears. that doesn’t work. What bugs me is that the Medical Doctors know or, should know that the right choice for many patients is Chiropractic. However, they are This is your chance. Bring this article into the office or call and let us know that often bound by the secret rules of medical cartels in every town. More people you saw this story. You’ll receive all of our first day services for only $37. That go through bankruptcy because of medical bills than any other reason. This is includes a Consultation, Chiropractic examination, and any necessary X Rays. Krazy! Any additional care will be your choice. I recently had a new patient who’s husband thought I could help her, but she was very skeptical about our health services. In fact, the first sentence out of her mouth was;” You’re not a real Doctor, are you?.” How many people end up in ER rooms every day just for Migraines, Headaches, Lower Back pain, and Stomach Issues, only to pay thousands of dollars for tests Our Qualifications: Dr. Hammett is a graduate of Life University, School of Chiropractic, in practice in Kenosha since 1980. • Our clinic is centrally located in Kenosha at 6500-67th Street. • Our clinic number is 262-654-3141 • Call us Today for an appointment an let’s find out if we can help you - Dr. R. J. Hammett

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