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POLL 2019

Mark who you think will be the winner in the first 14 games, then predict a score for the
tiebreaker game at the bottom.
01.  Indian Trail  Bradford

08.  UNLV  Northwestern

02.  Tremper  Racine Case

09.  Iowa  Iowa State

03.  Wilmot  Waterford

10.  Northern Illinois  Nebraska

04.  Delavan-Darien  Central

11.  New Mexico  Notre Dame

05.  Shoreland Lutheran  Burlington Catholic Central

12.  L.A. Chargers  Lions

06.  St. Joseph  Whitefish Bay Dominican

13.  Saints  L.A. Rams

07.  University School  Christian Life

14.  Bears  Broncos

TIEBREAKER (Predict Score)
15.Vikings______ Packers______
Name: _________________________________________________________________
Address: _______________________________________________________________
Phone: _________________________________________________________________

Ballot must be returned to the Kenosha News, 5800 7th Avenue, Kenosha, WI 53140, by 3:00 pm on Friday. One winner who chooses the most winning teams will receive a $25 Amazon Gift Card. In case of
a tie, the person who predicts the closest score in the tiebreaker game will be selected as the winner.
The ballot is also available online at

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