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What if Ignoring Your Hearing Loss was Fatal? There are approximately 40 million Americans with hearing loss and yet only 20% have been fitted with hearing aids. Although untreated hearing loss is not fatal, it often proves very troublesome and frustrating for the person and their family. However it can be dangerous when it’s difficult to hear the direction of where sounds are coming from, signals and safety alarms, automobile alerts and car noises, and let’s not forget the constant miscommunication with spouses, friends, and family. Hearing loss is in a class of its own when it comes to ignored medical challenges. That’s starting to change. The Baby Boomer generation and others are discovering great improvements in the quality of their lives by addressing their hearing loss sooner rather than later. Schedule Your Free Hearing Test and Consultation Today! We Guarantee • A no pressure informative hearing test • Personal hearing aid demonstration • A 30-Day hearing aid trial • A LOW PRICE GUARANTEE on same hearing aid model and services • You’re going to love the way you hear and understand speech or you don’t keep the hearing aids! “I look forward to using my 20 years of experience to help you enjoy conversations again!” Jeffrey J. Johnston, BC-HIS (262) 577-5577 Kenosha Family Owned & Operated 6804 Green Bay Road, Suite 113 • Kenosha, WI 53142

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