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Ask the expert: **Attention all readers!!!! If you have a plumbing or heating question, please call our office! We may use your question in the paper! ** Q Hi, I was wondering what temperature I should set my water heater to? A Hi Renee, — Renee K. That all depends on certain situations in the individual home. There is a setting on the heater that has an arrow on it. That arrow is where a plumber would set it upon installation of the heater. That arrow identifies 120 degrees. In the event there are children in the home under 14 yrs of age, I would keep it at this temperature. A child 1-14 yrs old can be scalded by hot water at 110 degrees in less than five minutes. Bath water should be around 100-105 for a child. A woman’s skin can tolerate water at 120-125 degrees and could scald within a half hour. A man’s skin is more sensitive to hot water and can only withstand 100-110 degrees. What is accepted in a residential environment is a minimum of 120 degree water to wash eating utensils with dish-washing soap. In the commercial world, 135 degrees is acceptable with a sanitizer, otherwise the health department requires 180 degrees without a sanitizer on the rinse cycle, washing dishes. I gave you a lot of information and I hope this helps you make a good decision for yourself and the temperature of your water. — Wes Rosenberg, Owner/Master Plumber 262-989-1001

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