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Ask the expert: Q Recently my breaker blows out when my sump pump is activated, do I need a new sump pump? A Hi Dave, - Dave F - You may need a new sump pump, however, it could be a something else going wrong. Have you worked on your electrical lately? Maybe added something to your home to power another project? The outlet for the sump pump is a designated outlet and breaker, solely to be used for the sump pump. If you have added something to this breaker, both the sump pump and other device could be drawing too many amps thus blowing the breaker. The sump pump could, indeed, be failing and drawing too many amps, hence blowing the breaker. The easy home test to resolve the problem is to run a power cord from the pump to another outlet with the same amperage breaker. If the pump doesn’t blow the breaker in the electrical box, then we know it was a weak breaker designated for the pump outlet and that the breaker needs replacement. If the test outlet blows the breaker, then we can assume that the sump pump needs to be replaced. A breaker is cheaper than the pump, so this should be confirmed before you start buying new pumps . Give us a call if you need help with this! – Wes Rosenberg Owner/Master Plumber 262-989-1001

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