Details for 1st Pub. July 6, t3, 13, 20 STATE OF WISCONSIN


1st Pub. July 6, t3, 13, 20 STATE OF WISCONSIN CIRCUIT COURT RACINE COUNTY PUBLICATION SUMMONS Educators Credit Union 1326 Willow Road Mt. Pleasant, WI 53177 Plaintiff vs. Jonathan Michael Smith 3308 8th Ave. Racine, WI 53402-3705 Defendants Case No.: 2018CV001174 Case Code: 30301 "The Amount Claimed is in Excess of $10,000." THE STATE OF WISCONSIN, to Jonathan Michael Smith named above as a Defendant: You are hereby notified that the plaintiff named above has filed a lawsuit or other legal action against you. Within 40 days after July 6, 2018, you must respond with a written demand for a copy of the Complaint. The demand must be sent or delivered to the Racine Racine County Courthouse Attn.: Honorable Eugene A. Gasiorkiewicz Br. 2 730 Wisconsin Ave. Racine, WI 53403, and to Bruner Law Offices, S.C., plaintiff's attorney, whose address is: Bruner Law Offices, S.C. Attn: Edward J. Bruner, Jr. 827 Main Street Racine, WI 53403 You may have an attorney help or represent you. If you do not demand a copy of the Complaint within 40 days, the Court may grant Judgment against you for the award of money or other legal action requested in the Complaint, and you may lose your right to object to anything that is or may be incorrect in the Complaint. A Judgment may be enforced as provided by law. A Judgment awarding money may become a lien against any real estate you own now or in the future, and may also be enforced by garnishment or seizure of property. Dated this 21st day of June, 2018. ______________________ Edward J. Bruner, Jr., Attorney for the Plaintiff State Bar No.: 1001362 Bruner Law Offices, S.C. 827 Main Street Racine, WI 53403 (262) 636-9691 - phone (262) 636-9957 - fax


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