Details for 099: Estate of Timothy G Binder (notice to creditors)

1st Pub. Feb 12, t3, 19, 26 STATE OF WISCONSIN, CIRCUIT COURT, RACINE COUNTY Notice to Creditors (Informal Administration) IN THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE OF TIMOTHY G. BINDER 9/13/1959 Case No. 20-PR-37 PLEASE TAKE NOTICE: 1. An application for informal administration was filed. 2. The decedent, with date of birth 9/13/1959 and date of death 11/25/2019, was domiciled in RACINE County, State of WISCONSIN, with a mailing address of 2047 BLAKE AVE., RACINE. Wl 53404 3. All interested persons waived notice. 4. The deadline for filing a claim against the decedent's estate is MAY 15, 2020. 5. A claim may be filed at the RACINE County Courthouse, RACINE, Wisconsin, Room 6th FLOOR. Electronically signed by Bruce Fishbain Probate Registrar DATE SIGNED: January 30, 2020 Form completed by: JAMES W. PRUITT Address 731 MAIN STREET RACINE, WI 53403 Telephone 262-633-8301 Bar Number 1001574 FILED 01-30-2020 Register in Probate Racine County 2020PR000037



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