St. Luke's Hospital


Fathers, anytime

All others 11 a.m. - 8 p.m.

Gregory and Katherine Mattes (Haas), Racine, girl, June 8.

Curt and Kay Bixler, Racine, girl, June 14.

Garner Ted and Regina Brooks (Scott), Racine, girl, June 14.

Mario Jr. and Laura Montoto (McDaniel), Racine, boy, June 14.

Jeffrey and Joy Haubrich (Rigby), Raymond, boy, June 15.

Dennis and Sylvia Jardina (Carbajal), Racine, boy, June 15.

David and Carolyn Johnson (Washebek), Racine, boy, June 15.

Mark and Deborah Venne (Murphy), Racine, boy, June 15.

Troy and Julie Johnson (Desau), Racine, boy, June 16.

Frank and Bobbie Williams (Ager), Racine, girl, June 16.

Samuel and Cheryl Daams (Jander), Racine, boy, June 17.

Chris and Lynne Morin (Bidwell), Sturtevant, boy, June 17.

John Vollin and Linda Ynocencio, Racine, girl, June 17.

Memorial Hospital, Burlington


Fathers, anytime

All others, 11 a.m.-8 p.m.

Jon and Angela Dawley (Kuecker), Burlington, girl, June 15.

Dona Greenberg, Burlington, girl, June 17.

Timothy and Patricia Spiegelhoff (Meyers), Burlington, girl, June 17.


Randall and Susan Tilot (Vining), Racine, boy, May 30, at St. Joseph's Hospital, Milwaukee, Wis.

David and Kathryn Wagner (Tertel), Kenosha, Wis., boy, June 13. The mother is a former Racine resident.

Matthew and Kathy Ostergaard (Flores), Vilseck, Germany, girl, June 14. Both parents are former Racine residents.

Danny and Lisa Boner (Jensen), Racine, girl, June 16, at St. Catherine's Hospital

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