I read the good news today. I am so looking forward to joining forces with Advocate Aurora Care soon. It will be a sad day to leave Wheaton/Ascension/All Saints/St. Mary's. I have been there all my life. Love my doctors and all of the professionals there who have supported me, my family and friends over all these years. Our children were born there.

But I cannot continue to do business with a company who inflicts their religious beliefs into my healthcare choices and who limits the necessary care I might receive from them. What will come next?

I am shocked by their decision to blatantly and hurtfully restrict a common medical procedure for women. If I need spiritual guidance I go to the church of my choice. When I need medical attention, I go to a hospital or a clinic or a private business to work with professionals that I know will advise me, support me and offer me the best medical options available, religious beliefs aside. I am looking forward to having Advocate Aurora do that for me. 

Brenda Thomas



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