Cory Mason is the leader Racine needs to prosper. Mason is a fifth generation Racine resident, a graduate of Racine Public schools and has represented Racine in the Wisconsin Assembly since 2006. At the Sept. 30 mayoral forum, Mason emphasized that the job of an elected official is to improve the quality of the lives they represent. Mason supports a living wage stating that it is “just wrong” for a person to work full time and still be in poverty. And he stated that Beloit and Racine have been “competing” in unemployment statistics, lamenting, “I don’t want to be the leader in unemployment anymore.

As mayor, he will provide “clear guidance and a vision for the development of Racine.” Mason will provide leadership for ensuring quality education within RUSD, creating a well trained workforce, living wages, hiring local and creating partnerships with our county neighbors.  Mason is the moral leader Racine needs. He reminded the audience that we are a city of immigrants, and by providing leadership, he can give Racine a voice in state legislation that affects our immigrant population.

I urge you to visit his legislative web page, or for Racine, to see for yourself the legislation he has authored, coauthored or supported to help our environment, address tuition issues and impact children and family quality of life. Vote for Cory Mason for mayor on Oct. 17 — see Racine thrive!

Jean Thieme



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