I attended the pretend town hall meeting at the Racine Theatre Guild. The best part of the evening was the chance to showcase the facility, which is an underappreciated jewel in Racine.

I guess Ryan does not have the guts to actually have an open town hall meeting in which attendance is not controlled and questions chosen in advance.

As far as Ryan is concerned, I haven’t seen so much dancing since I watched "American Bandstand" as a kid. To borrow a phrase from that show, I like the words, but I cannot dance to the music. I am again reminded why I have voted against Ryan every chance I have had to do so.

When asked about his views if "45" (President Trump) did enough after the horrific events at the alt right rally, he said we all could do more. We probably all could do more; however, there is only one person who has the bully pulpit and clearly he won't use it. I thought perhaps Ryan would explain more about those good Nazis, KKK, etc.

It is too bad the nun did not whack him on his hand with a ruler. Ryan actually seemed to be proud of the health care law the house passed. I would find it hard to be proud of a bill which would have cost millions of people their health care coverage. Repeal and replace Ryan.

Drew Sobota



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