Most of us did not vote for President Trump. Once elected however, many hoped he would succeed. Sadly, the president’s multi-dimensional shortcomings become increasingly evident with time. He is in over his head, beginning the toughest job in the world at an age when most people retire.

Poorly informed on history and policy, he often misspeaks. Lacking many leadership skills, he substitutes rage. Unable to recognize his own mistakes or receive criticism, he requires adulation and resorts to bullying those who won’t comply.

Donald Trump is not fit for the office he holds. His words and deeds betray weakness of character, something our global adversaries are surely picking up on. It is difficult to see his presidency ending well. President Clinton should have resigned after his disgraceful behavior in office. So should President Trump. Terrible examples set by individuals occupying the nation’s highest office cause ripple effects through our society that are widespread and long lasting.

Poor leadership at the top is not our only significant problem. Last year’s presidential primary yielded a final four field of three septuagenarians and someone with no executive experience. Professional journalism has practically disappeared from radio, cable TV and the internet, making it near impossible to learn unbiased facts about the issues of the day. A large number of House of Representative’s districts are gerrymandered, facilitating conflict over legislation. The Senate frequently changes its rules to get around things,  like the Constitution. We need more fixes than just a new president.

Eric Simpson, Retired Lt. Col, US Air Force



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