Cory Mason has the experience, energy, integrity, and a perspective that is unmatched by his opponent. Mr. Mason grew up in Racine and has served his community well as a state legislator. He has always worked with tenacity to get things done for his constituents and not for self-serving PACS.

As a former School Board president, I remember asking Mr. Mason several years ago to meet with some school finance experts from across the state. His knowledge of the school funding process was truly outstanding, and he was dedicated to changing it so it would benefit more students in Racine. The school finance experts who were with me were impressed with his knowledge of a very complicated formula.

Several years ago, I attended a Great Lakes Compact conference in Chicago that dealt with preserving the five Great Lakes for future generations. Unbeknownst to me, Mason was there to receive an important and well-deserved award for his contributions in helping to make the Great Lakes safer and cleaner for future generations.

The City of Racine is fortunate to have a person of Mason’s caliber running for mayor. He loves his city; he knows how to get things done; he is great with people; and he will work to make Racine a place where everyone will be treated with respect and have an equal opportunity to succeed.

Bill Schalk

Wind Point


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