I was both startled and annoyed by a full-page advertisement in local papers which praised Paul Ryan for his work on the “historic tax reform bill.” So I followed the money. The ad was paid for by the American Action Network, a “center-right” organization with buckets of cash from the ultra-rich. The Network is not required to disclose the corporations and individuals who provide the cash, but members of the board include wealthy Republicans who have funded many GOP campaigns. All this is well organized greed.

The ad was a pure GOP hype. It touted “tax relief” for the “middle class.” That was not quite “fake news” but it was woefully incomplete. A cluster of reliable sources note that the “tax relief” will be mainly for the wealthy. The Associated Press, for instance, reports that those earning $307,900 and over will start by getting 43 percent of the total tax cuts in 2018 and will get 92 percent of the cuts by 2027. All this while the national debt mushrooms. Ryan is also plotting his goal of cutting Medicare and Medicaid. A prophetic passage from Matthew 25:29 comes to mind: “For to those who have more will be given ... but from those who have nothing, even what they have will be taken away.”

Those who funded the American Action Network ad can rejoice in the new tax bill. They can certainly afford full page ads which tout Paul Ryan.

Margaret Miller

Mount Pleasant


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