The voters of Racine have an historic choice coming shortly. Two very different candidates for mayor are on the ballot.

Sandy Weidner, what one might describe as a reform candidate, is smart, knows what is going on at City Hall, who is causing problems, and who is getting the job done. She finds herself often at odds with a staff that seems hell bent on pursuing waste, fraud and abuse, not only in its spending practices but in hiring and regulatory activities, particularly of new businesses.

The other candidate, Cory Mason, is the self declared champion of the status quo, proudly proclaiming to be the carrier of the torch of this very same problematic administrative staff and the heir apparent to the post being vacated by his friend and mentor, our past mayor John Dickert. Mason actually declared his candidacy at the very podium that Dickert announced his pending resignation.

There is also the valid concern that due to Mason’s close familial connection to Racine’s municipal court, his being mayor would snap shut the separation of powers between the executive and judicial branches of our government, a divide much revered in the history of this great country.

I don’t see it as a difficult choice at all. It seems obvious the best vote is for Sandy Weidner. She’s got the guts to do what needs to be done at City Hall. Why remain stuck when you don‘t have to? Let’s put her in there.

George Meyers



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