I support Cory Mason for Mayor of Racine. I have known Mason for more than 32 years. We have had the honor of having Mason represent Racine in the state Legislature since 2006. He is very proud to call Racine his hometown. As a legislator, he listens to the public, openly shares his concerns and works towards solutions.

Mason has worked on many issues affecting our community, but as an African American woman, I am most impressed with his work to reduce infant mortality. Racine had the highest infant mortality rate in the state. He worked with the Wisconsin Partnership Program, which donated $10 million to address this serious problem by making planning grants to coalitions in Racine, Beloit, Kenosha and Milwaukee. This committee developed a strategic plan to reduce infant mortality in Wisconsin and make recommendations to the legislature.

Mason also believes in racial equality. He believes in our diverse community working together to promote justice and seeks solutions to resolve issues. He encourages people to bring their thoughts and to value each other’s ideas. He attends National Night Out where he listens to people’s concerns.

As mayor of Racine, he plans to improve our future by:

  • Attracting good-paying jobs to Racine
  • Ensuring our workforce is trained for high-tech jobs
  • Promoting a living wage for at least $15/hour
  • Investing in green energy jobs to reduce Racine’s carbon footprint

Please vote for Cory Mason for mayor of Racine, Tuesday, Oct. 17.

Teresa McMorris



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