The qualities that make a good mayor are abundantly found in Cory Mason. These qualities include a lifelong love and concern for the City of Racine. 

Mason was born in Racine, went to our local high school and has lived here all his life. Mason's adult life has been that of a dedicated civil servant, serving the people of Racine in the state Legislature. In this role, he fought for better funding for our schools and keeping taxes low for the working class. He has also argued to protect our environment, especially the Root River basic and our wonderful Lake Michigan and the use of its water.

Mason has a passion to make Racine a better place to live, raise a family and work. This is one reason why he has supported the Foxconn project which can have a major positive effect on Racine's future. Mason is the right person to deal with these issues in the near future.

Mason understands the problems that will confront him as mayor, and he has experience to bring a new perspective on how to solve them. He already has expressed his independence in opposing the arena project. His experience in the state Legislature provides him insight into working with elected officials to benefit our city.

A vote for Cory Mason for mayor of Racine is a vote to improve the quality of life for all people in Racine.

Andrew McLean



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